Only showing default layout after 1.7.8 upgrade

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I’ve created a new topic for you Abi - your problem might be “normal” as after an update the players might need to re-download some files to correctly display the content you have scheduled.

On the Displays page you can see if their status is marked as a tick, ! or cross to determine whether they have all the files they need or not.

If they are all ticked we will need a screenshot of an effected players “Client information screen” - press i on the player to enable this.

Hi Dan.

Thanks for the respond,
I no longer have MAC ADDRESS issue.

Writing back about “the display status”:
The the Displays status is marked as a “cross”.

What I have done so far is:
I uninstalled Xibo client, deleted all corresponding folders from the PC and installed it again. Still having the same issue.



This would imply that the client has connected to the CMS, decided it needs to download some more files and is doing that. Can you see the client information screen and get a screenshot (press i on the player when it is running)?


Here is the client screenshot:


Thanks, so it looks like the FileAgent - Run process which downloads files from the CMS is failing because it is getting an unexpected response from the CMS. This in turn means that the files the Player needs to run are not available (see there are 9 files to download).

The most common cause of this problem is that the CMS library location is incorrect after upgrade - perhaps you moved it during the upgrade process? Or perhaps it has somehow become unreadable.

If you visit the report fault page in the CMS, there is a list of environment checks that should all be ticked - can you check this?

Can you also try downloading a file from the library page to ensure the CMS knows where the file is (this proves that the library is accessible)?

If the above two points work, then can you collect a troubleshoot.txt file from the fault page and pop the content into this topic?

The report fault page in the CMS All checked OK.
I was able to download from the library page OK.

Attached troubleshoot.txt in PDF format.
troubleshoot.pdf (54.4 KB)


This will be the issue:

2016‐07‐29 14:50:39
<errormsg>Cannot modify header information ‐ headers
already sent</errormsg>

Something in your environment seems to be setting and sending headers before the Xibo script is allowed to execute - unfortunately i’ve no idea what that might be. Perhaps you have a PHP/webserver extension installed that would do that?


Thanks for the replay,

Since this is the test environment I’ll redo the PHP/webserver.