Change the name and the splash screen of xibo client


I would like to change the Application Name, Splash screen and MSI installer of xibo client.Please if anyone knows how to do it I would be grateful to him.Thanks


Splash can be changed locally in the player options -> advanced.

To logo and anything else you’d need to either order a white label windows player -

or look here to make the changes yourself as windows player is distributed under AGPLv3 open source licence, any changes you make are still under said licence.

Copyrights cannot be changed and source code must be provided (those are very brief AGPLv3 licence requirements - for more details please see )

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Thanks you very much! How can I purchase the white Label?how many times it takes for branding?
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It’s one time cost per brand ie assuming you will want to use one branding then you will need one white label build - you can purchase it from the link in my previous message - you will need to have an active account in our Portal first.

Once purchased, it is configured, built and downloaded from our Portal - Xibo for Windows White Label Administration


Thanks you! Please what’s the difference between white labelled component and white labell branding?


Sorry I don’t understand the question - usually we use the word component to describe part of the software so I would imagine they mean the same thing.


Okay in fact, i saw in the xibo website that with a reseller account I can afford a white labell branding in addition of the white labelled component .Without reseller account I only can afford the white labelled component.It’s for that reason I want to know the difference between both so I will know if I need first a reseller account


Xibo for Windows is open source software and therefore doesn’t come under any sort of reseller agreement (which is for commercial services only).

You may white label Xibo for Windows by editing the code, or you can use our service (which carries a fee) to do the white label for you a produce a MSI.

You only need to consider becoming a reseller if you are planning on reselling one of the commercial services we offer (Xibo for Android, Xibo in the Cloud, Xibo for webOS, etc).


thank you very much for your promptness and the answer is clear!


hi peter. just to be clear on this: what is actually “white label” mean. so is buy that option allow you to customizing the player installer that usually says “XIBO” So, in other words purchasing the white label for the windows player allow you to replace all “XIBO” referencing & put it “company xxx” on it


Yes that is the case - to the maximum extent allowed by the AGPLv3 licence and copyright law (we do not, for example, modify the code).

It is important to state that “white-labelling” does not alter the licence the software is released under.