Xibo for Windows White Label Administration


Xibo for Windows White Label Administration

Purchased Windows White Label builds are available for configuration, build and download in the My Products -> Windows White Label section of our customer portal.

Click on the card to show all Windows white labels you’ve purchased, which will redirect you to your Windows white label page, where you will see cards for each Windows white label you own.

Click on the card to show action buttons for Configure, Build and Download like shown below:

First Build

Immediately after purchase the white label will be available on the My Products page, so that it can be created and provided the de-branded resources needed to make the build.

Using the Configure button will present a new page where the build can be configured. This page asks for:

General tab:

Short Name
Application Name
Company Name
Support Email
Support URL
Version to Build

It’s also required to provide artwork on Resources tab:

Application Icon (ico format)
Application Logo (250x150 JPG)
Splash Screen (1080p JPG)

Once complete the Save your configuration.


Once complete with configuration you will be able to press the Build button:


Once the build is complete the status of your white label build will change to ‘Built’.
This means the build has completed and is ready to be downloaded.

Changing a Build

Updates can be made after the first build and everything except the Application Short Name can be changed.

A single user can purchase more than one white label build if multiple branding are required.

Getting an updated version

As Xibo Signage release new versions of the Xibo for Windows software it is recommended that White Label builds are also updated to take advantage of new features and bug fixes.

Ensure that you have set your White Label build to “Latest” or to the specific version required in the Customer Portal and click Build . Wait for the notification email or check back periodically to download and install once the build has been completed.

White Label Windows Player
Change the name and the splash screen of xibo client