Can't find display record in admin panel

Okay, i need help. I connected the xibo client with the correct cms address and key, and both my client and cms has the same version. But when i click on save, it says “Display is awaiting licensing approval from an administrator”. and if i go the the admin panel, the record isn’t there.

Perhaps you have some filter options on the Display page that is hiding the new display?

Hi, I checked the display again and now I can see it. The only problem now is it’s display name is different from the client’s computer name. i’m sure they are the same computer because of the mac address.

The CMS identifies a Player as the combination of it’s secret key (which is the same across all Players on one CMS), and its hardware ID.

It might be that you have two devices sharing the same hardware ID (that isn’t the MAC address).

See here:

In that case, they’ll show as the same device.

If that isn’t the case, then the name is set on the CMS side, so you can simply change it there and that will persist.

Sorry for the late response, I haven’t logged in here inn a while but Thanks again Alex!