Cannot upload file bigger than 100MB? Error True


Unable to upload file bigger than 100MB. It comes up with Error True. Checked ini file settings all are correct. Unable to attached debug report. Please advise how to attach debug report?


Your PHP settings are wrong. There are more to change than just the upload_max_filesize variable.

Please see the FAQ which covers this:

If you’re sure it’s not your PHP settings, then it will be either your webserver configuration or fastcgi configuration, or filesystem permissions.

You need to check right along the path that a file upload will take and see where the problem lies, examining your system logs as you go. The problem is very definitely not with Xibo.

Hi Alex,

I noticed that some of the files which were more than 120MB were put into Xibo Library’s Temp folder. It means Xibo was able to download the file but for some reason puted them into Temp folder.


That’s almost certainly the maximum execution time then. Again, all the information you need is in that FAQ.

If your PHP variables are already set correctly, then the problem likely lies with the webserver configuration instead. The likely culprits are all mentioned in that article.