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V214 and 215


I want to have a campaign or a interrupt layer to appear every 5 minute so I:

  1. made a playlist “Ads 1” and put two videos of 15 s each - total 30 s 2 videos
  2. made a Layout with one sub playlist and selecting the Playlist
    “Ads 1” with no customisation to other settings. and save
  3. go to schedule Campaighn and select as you can see:


Result? The campaign it’s playing over and over and over and over again. Not just for 30 seconds from 5 to 5 minute. Same thing for interrupt layout.

I also try this:

I have set repeating to 1 hour and this is the Agenda, same for every minute…:

Hi hypnomedia,
The reason that the campaign is playing constantly is because you have set the end time on the General tab to be 12 days from now. The end time on the General tab should be set to 1 minute later than the start time. If you then want the campaign to end on the 20th, you would specify this on the Repeats tab.

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Thank you Frazer. It’s a little bit tricky the logic of this end time to be set next minute.
Now… other problem. I’ve realise I need to interrupt the current layout. What I must set on Share of voice in this case?
If I want to use this 30 seconds of 2 videos, every 5 minutes in a day?

I think it’s a problem with interrupt layout. Does not work. I change only from interrupt to overlay layout and the event has appear. Changed back to interrupt - has not appear any more.

This can’t be good to have a normal layout with Visible 1 and Intrerupt too 1

The interrupt layout is only able to play when there is a suitable gap in the schedule. As your normal layout is set to run for 72361 seconds, the interrupt layout won’t be able to be shown for this duration.

Thank you for your response. Sincerly I always have 3 to 10 hours of sublplaylst content playing(taking one content from each sub-playlist at the time) and always the intrerupt layout has succede entering how much procent I have set it.
Something happend a week ago.

As you can se, the both layouts are visible in the same time and they are 61s and 30 s long. It’s a bug.

Fraser, please tell me how can I have an interrupt layout in this matter.

  1. I have a layout set to play always and it has 20 h
  2. From 20 to 20 minutes, I want another Layout to appear over the always layout, and not reset the time for the first layout.
    I have used Interrupt Layout until 2 months ago with the same recipe and he worked.

Hi hypnomedia,

The interrupt layout logic is different depending on which version of Xibo you are using, as you can see from the release notes for R215 here: Xibo for Android v2 R215 Available

Have you tried rolling back to a version that you know functions the way that you desire?

Many thanks,


Thank you for your solution. I will try it. I have white branded and I will use what is available: R216.
If you know a version that interrupt layout logic is to not interrupt the layout and play over, please tell me.

The overlay layout has 2 problems - it’s playing twice and for a minimum of 1 minute.

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