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I have been using Xibo for almost a year now, with great satisfaction.
But now I have some problems with the following:

On (local) a website, there is content shown. Every time this content changes, with jQuery a sound is played.
And this site, I would like to show on a layout. This is easily done with “webpage” in the timeline editor.
But, the sound isn’t played! What can I do to make this happen?

(It’s used for a ticketing system, where every time a new ticket of a customer is called-in by an employee, the ticket and desk is shown on the webpage, accompanied with a short notification sound).

Xibo Player:

On the right, we have the webpage, while on the left, we have just our regular slideshow.

So every time the next ticket is summoned, a notification should be heard and the top bar is updated with the newest ticket. In the browser, this sound is played, but when implemented in Xibo, it doesn’t. What can I do to make this happen?

Information: Xibo 1.8.2
Used with Docker
Xibo Player 1.8.2
Used on Intel Compute Stick, running windows 10

If more is needed, please let me know!

Thanks in advance!


I assume that it will play the sound when you access it via IE browser?

I’m asking about IE, because Xibo emulates IE11 to access webpages on a layout.

Could you double check browser emulation settings please and make sure there is a full and correct path, as there is a bug with it in 1.8.2 - (entries are not created in correct path).

Failing that, I’m not sure what else could it be, I believe we’ve tried some webpapges that play radio or straight up stream/video etc and that was working fine via Xibo as well.

Everything else besides the sound is correctly displayed?

Thanks for your fast reply!

I’ve tested with Internet Explorer and there is no sound. So Internet Explorer is the problem.
I will try make that work, but so far no success (enabling sounds in advanced internet options, multimedia, and even enabling it via regedit).
So maybe it is the technique used to play the sound (jQuery function) what is not understood by IE.
I will let you know how this ends.

Ok, there where multiple things wrong. First, the sound-file used was not suitable for IE11 (even though it as an mp3 file). This sound couldn’t be played.
Then, after also adjusting the emulation to IE11, the sound did play fine.
So this problem is solved.

I’m glad to hear that, could you tell me what was wrong with the .mp3 itself that it wasn’t played in IE?
Just so we know what to tell someone with similar issue in the future.

Not quite sure, but probably the mp3 didn’t had a proper bitrate. When opening the details of the mp3-file no bitrate was provided in the details. Although VNC could play the file, IE couldn’t handle that.
I checked if sound could be played using website where you can download notification-sounds. Downloaded a nice mp3 an made a site with html5 tags. This easy site is perfect to test if audio can be played with IE.

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