Assigned files to display group, deleted assignment, but it still remains

A bug in the CMS:

  • assign a file to a display group (as described in the remote upgrade procedure)

  • unassign the file from the display group

  • check file assignments at individual displays, which are group members, files are still asigned.

If this is the first layout you’ve assigned, probably the display have set it as its default layout.
Go to your Display properties and unassign that layout. Or assign a different default layout.

Hope this helps.

This is not related to layouts in any way. It’s related to simply, directly assigning files to display group using “Assign files” option in their dropdown menu.

I think you’ve got a double assignment

If you assign a file to a display group, then that doesn’t then show up if you look at an individual display. It’s held on the group itself and merged in as the Players call Required Files. In exactly the same way as if you schedule a layout to a display group it doesn’t show up on the individual display (as it’s not held there).

What I think you’re seeing is that when you set Version instructions on a Display, it will automatically assign the correct apk file to the Display to ensure that the file is there when the upgrade tries to run.

You’re then removing the assignment from the Display Group thinking it’s the same one as you can see in the Display record (but it isn’t).

In that case, the instructions for remote upgrading are incorrect. The instruction requests the user to:

  • assign the file manually to all the displays requiring the upgrade
  • set the version instruction by selecting the file.
    Proceeding through the instruction causes double assignment…

I think they were correct when they were first written but people missed the assignment so we handle it automatically now. Thanks for pointing it out.

I’ve fixed the KB article on this here:

Is there somewhere else you saw those instructions?

I only found the link I posted in the OP.