Android Client not updating


I am running the android client on a Minix Box. If I make a change it is not updating. I think it has to do with the Update window start and end times. I changed the start time to 00:30 and end time to 23:50 and deleted and re-added the device. When I check the setting on the client it shows

CMS Status:
Register: Registered
Schedule: Up to date
Required Files (Now: 10:43:32 AM not between 5:30:00pm and 4:40:00 PM) Not Active. 0/0
Queued Network Connections: 0

I am not sure where it is picking up those settings.
Our Windows clients work ok they are updating with no problems

Any help is appreciated.


Hi Jyoti,

Yes, you are right it has something to do with download window start/end time.
Could you please try to change them to default ie 00:00:00 and 00:00:00
this will mean that download window is open all the time.
Also make sure that you are changing the right display profile ie the one that your device is assigned to (windows and android have different display profiles).

Hi Peter

I have changed the settings to 00:00:00 and 00:00:00. It does still not update automatically. If I reconnect using the android client it updates. I am making changes to the correct display profile.

On the android client the CMS status says:
CMS Status
Register: registered
Schedule: up to date
Required files: up to date: 29/29

Schedule Status
Next: 2015-06-18 09:31:38

current time is 8:45 am
One thing that I have noticed is that if it go into the actual display settings then the advance tabs the Update times do not look correct:

I have attached my settings for the android profile


Regarding times in your last screenshot - since your download and Update windows are open all the time.
Then time that you see there will change in your case every minute (collection interval).

That seems to be fine now, your player is up to date with everything from CMS which means it should have updated schedule/media files.

Did you have any layout playing currently? Probably long running one? If yes then it is correct, next layout will play after the current one.

Thanks Peter

Yes we have a layout playing. When I make a change to layout, the windows client updates within 1 minute however the android client does not update for about 30 min. They are using the same layout. When you say “long running one” what does that mean? Is that the hours we set when we click on Schedule now? or the times duration for each region?

What we are trying to do is run a video in one region (3/4 of the screen) and twitter, weather, sports updates on the other 1/4 of the screen and have the video loop.

Currently we have the regions working, but am a little confused with what we should be setting the duration to for each region. (currently set to 900 seconds)


Perhaps this article will assist you:

Windows will expire the current layout if it is modified by default, Android will not (in most cases other than testing it is not desirable to kill the layout half way). If you need it to do that you can set “Expire modified Layouts” in the android display profile.

Hi Dan

The article is what I was looking for.

changing the Expire modified layouts worked. We are only using this for testing and will not be making changes halfway through a layout.

Thanks for the help

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