All content plays just once and then doesn't play again

I’ve double checked the templates (which work fine on my windows machines) they are set to loop and everything looks fine there.

No matter what I’ve tried I can’t get the Android devices (MK809IV Plus) to cycle the content.

Any ideas?

Have you read the FAQ on media duration?

You almost never want the region loops set to on. It’s there for a tiny number of edge cases so it’s likely that the layout is setup incorrectly.

Have a read of that, and then if it’s still unclear come back with exactly how you’ve set the layout up (ie how many regions there are, and the duration of the media in each region)

Thanks for you reply Alex. I don’t think I am using any region loops, not even sure how to set that. I’m just using a normal scenario of a few regions with items of different duration with the videos set to 0 seconds etc.

My beef is that the same layouts are playing right now perfectly on my windows machines but on android devices each item in each region only plays once and then goes black. When everything has played we are left with the clock…

Any other ideas…?

hm, anyway

What apk version you have installed on your android device?

Probably easiest way to check if everything is fine (layout wise) would be for you to export your layout and send it to me (via pm if you prefer)
and as always screenshot of status window on your android device could be also useful.

Yes thank you for pointing out my mistake. When I said they were set to loop I meant whatever default settings enabled looping were obviously set otherwise all my windows machines wouldn’t be looping correctly which they are :smile:

Let me grab the export

Is there a way to export the layout without all the huge videos I have?

I just downloaded the APK from the xibo website two days ago, so whatever APK version that is…

so R56 probably.
huge videos, hmm how huge and how long are they?

As for export without them, you would need to copy your layout and then delete your videos from that copy.

try this link!126&cid=08393E786EEABF24&group=0

should see the file

I’m on my phone so I can’t see your export, but assuming you have multiple regions - one with videos, the other with a clock in, then you want the duration on the clock set to say 5 seconds and 0 on all the videos.

Then when the videos finish the whole layout will reload and the videos will start playing from the start.

If that is how you have it, you may need to manually set the duration for the videos as occasionally some videos can’t have their ends detected correctly on certain devices. That’s especially true for wmv videos.