Adding url to the layout

I am new at xibo
I am adding a URL in order to show an internet site and somehow I cant see it in the design
what am I doing wrong?

By default webpage widget (which is what you’re using I assume) is set to Open Natively option, as such it will not show the webpage in the layout designer (layout preview and players should show it just fine).

In most cases Open Natively is recommended option, you can change it to best fix / manual position if you need to make some adjustments to how is it presented (it will be visible in layout designer as well).

I have try to change it but I still cant see it in xibo or ’ on the field"
the url I am trying to upload is :

It seems to be the same page as here Url not working on Android player

I’ve tried this webpage on Windows and Android players, it appears to work for me on both of them.

It is not surprising that it works on Windows, on Android it will highly depend on the web view version (ie basically on Android version)

I’ve tried that on DSCS9, which is running on Android 6.