Adding new display for another client

Hi all,

I’ve had a strange issue yesterday. I wanted to configure a new display for a new client and once I filled in the cms link + the cms key, the display didn’t seem to appear in the display list. I rebooted my pc, cleaned my cache, checked via another browser, but still no extra display appearing. I went for a drink and when I came back, I noticed the display was playing a layout from another client. When checking the display in the cms system, I noticed the mac address was the one of the new display I added for another client. How can this be? The previous display is still playing at my other client though. Any thoughts?

The hardware identifier used to identify the display is the same on both devices. There’s an FAQ about it here:

Thx a million, it’s that easy. I thought I had a unique issue here :slight_smile:

No problem :slight_smile: