1.8 Changes made to layout, screen shows splash screen for a long time

I have made a slight change to a module on a display, and after 10 minutes or so the screen reverted to the Xibo splash screen for around 30 minutes. It then showed the display for 5 mins and is again showing the splash screen.

Is there anyway to avoid this? Can the player display the last layout until it has downloaded the changes?



So it did revert back to the default layout, presumably after the layouts duration ended, which works as intended.

So if that really was a slight change and not a lot of new content, then 30 minutes seems like quite a lot of time.

We’d need to see a screenshot of status window to say if something went wrong there.

So those errors could be caused by your changes ie when you made changes to your default layout it became ‘invalid’ for the time player need to download changes and that’s why it was displaying splash screen.

That’s one of the reasons why we recommend default layout to be something very simple not often changed and more complex layouts to be scheduled - then player will display the default layout when it downloads new content.

If it did download everything now, it should be displaying layout id 26 (I assume that’s your default layout).
If it still does not do that, then either there is a connection issue, or it couldn’t correctly download everything or layout is somehow invalid.

side note: is this Xibo for Windows 1.8 beta player?