1.8.1 API How to set Layout-Region-PlayList Name from CMS

I am trying to figure out how to set a playlist name. They are some how set within the cms I think when a playlist is added to a region. It seems to copy the layout name and add a “-1” or “-2” if it is the second one. I am trying to target these playlist from the API, but I need them to make since to the user.

So where can I set these within the cms?

I see when you bring up a layout within the cms, click on the drop down list on a region, there is “Edit Timeline”. If you then change the view to Grid, there is a dropdown list that show the region name. However it looks like a feature that has not been finished. I only see the one playlist name and no options to edit it or add another one.

That’s correct, playlists do not really have web ui yet - it should be implemented in 1.9 series.

We refer to playlists (and regions for that matter) only by their Id not their names - although you’re correct that current playlist naming policy is indeed <layoutname> -1 and so on.

Layouts and widgets do have names that can be edited, but at this time I don’t think you can edit playlist name in the web ui.

However in API, you can use following call (you do need to know playlistId)
PUT {{url}}/api/playlist/{playlistId}

and pass name parameter for example:

Similar it is possible to change region name if that’s required via
PUT {{url}}/api/region/{regionId}

and pass name as well as dimensions, for example:

Then if you call

you will see new region and playlist name there:

Of course the playlist name on the grid view you mentioned will also show new edited name.

Hope that helps.

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Awesome feed back Peter. That will help us to do what we need. Thank you!

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