Zoomed region after full screen video

I have Xibo version 2.1.3

When I view a video in full screen mode, the layout disappears and the video goes to full screen - all correct. But at the end of the video when you return to layout mode, the region of the video is zoomed and therefore the contents are displayed incorrectly.

How can I fix this anomaly
Thank you

Help me!!! Please

Maybe my explanation is not very clear?

Hello, I would be happy to take a look at your Layout to see what could be the issue if you are able to provide an export? https://transfer.xibo.org.uk/ You can private message me an access code if you’d prefer.

Could you also confirm which Player and the version you are using as well as your installation method for the CMS (cloud/docker/manual)

Thank you

Xibo Player version xibo-client-v3-R300.5-win32-x86

I send a private message the password

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