ZeroMq on windows server

Hey everyone ,

I’m facing some issues regarding ZeroMq , I have windows 7 x64 , installed the cms on it everything worked fine , until i added the zmq extension , it was detected by the cms , but when i added the play on the cms , it won’t communicate anymore , i can’t see why ?

Second question is that i want to test the cms on windows server but there is no solution (at least for me ) to make zeromq work on windows server , can anyone please give me help or assist me ?

Thank’s a lot guys for your help

Regarding server, here is my experience: Installing php_zmq zeromq on XAMPP with PHP 5.6 as a service

That was the first thing that i did, on windows 10 the CMS showed that Zmq is installed , but the CMS won’t communicate with the player anymore , i don’t even receive screenshots even if the xmar.phar is working.

This is my configuration : Windows server 2012 x64 , with wampserver (i want to try it with iss but zmq won’t start ) and zmq 1.1.2 5.6 x86 and vc12 and vc13 and 2005 and 2008 and 2017 ,