ZeroMQ is not working

Hi There,

I have successfully installed zmq extension on my CentOS server.

but when I try to send a command to the display like requesting screenshot, it will just load, but not get any results.

Also, I have already added config.json file on vendor/bin/

Is there anything I missed? How can I test that it is totally working?

Thank in advance for you help…


Are you running the XMR application? After you’ve created the config file, you can start the application - ./bin/xmr.phar

There are example upstart scripts in the manual - or you can use your own preferred method to keep that application running all the time.


Thank you for the quick reply… I will try to run this command.


Hi Dan,

I have try to run the command, but it says “Segmentation fault”… What does it mean?


Sorry, i’ve no idea.

Can you provide full log output, etc?

Hi Dan,

where should I found the logs?


I mean, what is the full output of the command after you start it? Just the segmentation fault?