Your client is not of the correct version

hi, problem use xibo-docker-1.8.5
windows 7 pro updated
it gives me an error,

Your client is not of the correct version for communication with this server. You can get the latest from

where am I wrong? thank you

That does not seem correct, could you make sure it is 1.8 series player, when you open Player Options -> help -> About.

I’d definitely not expect to see that message if you have 1.8 series CMS and player.

I checked the player version is 1.8.3
the server version is 1.2.2
downloaded from here:
before buying the license I wanted to try it.
thanks again for help

This is many years out of date - you should download the latest version and use that.

It looks like you’ve chosen the open source components - so there is no licence to buy in this case - they are AGPLv3

Sorry for installing me these errors I can not solve:

ZIP X This enables import / export of layouts

LARGE FILE! Support for uploading large files is recommended.We suggest setting your PHP post_max_size and upload_max_filesize to at least 128M, and also increasing your max_execution_time to at least 120 seconds.

ZEROMQ! ZeroMQ is used to send messages to XMR which enables push communications with player

Do you have any idea how I solve it? Thank you and sorry

We really need to clarify, which CMS version is it at the moment please?

Since you mentioned zeroMQ I assume this is manual/custom 1.8 series installation on a web server?
Is it direct upgrade from 1.2.2? It may very well cause issues that was not tested.

Basically it is all related to your php setting on your web server and XMR

In your first post in this topic you mentioned you have docker installation, have you now decided to not use docker at all? It would make all those configurations a lot easier.

Hello sorry, I downloaded the new version and while I install on the web server aruba gives me these errors. I’ll try looking at server settings. thank you