Yet another question about Campaigns showing only 1 Layout

I’ve seen a good number of threads about scheduling Layouts and Campaigns. I’ve tried a number of things suggested in other posts, but I can’t get mine to work. So I’m requesting some advice here.

I have 2 Layouts (1 and 2) which contain 2 Library items each (3 secs Duration for each Library item; so 6 secs per Layout).

I added both Layouts to a Campaign. When I schedule the Campaign (with NO Repeat setting!) it only plays the first Layout repeatedly; the second Layout never shows up. If I change the order of the Layouts in the Campaign (ex. from “1 then 2” to “2 then 1”) it plays #2 repeatedly, but never plays #1. I can schedule the Layouts individually and they play fine.

If I review the Channel Information and Status, both Layouts appear in the top-left pane (in the order they appear in the Campaign; this switches appropriately if I change the Layout order in the Campaign). All the media and layout items appear as expected in the top-right pane.

So - what am I missing here?


Could you please tell me what CMS / player version are you using please?

Since it seems that both of your layouts are valid, I’m not sure why it wouldn’t go to the second layout in campaign (unless it’s an older version that might have some bugs).

Thanks! Yes, the CMS and player are both at 1.7.8.

Could you export your layouts and send it to me via pm please?

I’ll create a campaign add your layouts to it and schedule on one of ours window test clients to see how will it work.