XMR shows connected but not working in xibo1.8rc1 client

Hello guys,
I made the changes but I did not have success, so I created a totally based installation on the docker and I exported the db, I went back to the installation with the external mysql and I imported this db, this solved the problem and the system started to work correctly.

how to check the reach-ability
windows zamp 5.6
zmq 1.1.2

Schedule Status: Sleeping | Required File Status: Running: Requesting connection to Xibo Server | XMR Status: Connected to tcp… Waiting for messages

Hi to everyone!
I have installed (without Docker) Xibo server 1.81 (with Apache webserver and MySQL from Xampp) and Windows Xibo Client Player 1.82 on multiple PC’s (5 for now). Everything works fine and then stops refreshing content on Xibo players except one player. Status for all Displays is cloud with a download arrow all the time. Environment checks are all OK. I have run Verify All in Modules and it was OK.

When I press “I” on Player I get this log:
RequiredFilesAgentThread|11.9.2017. 10:59:43|Error|RequiredFilesAgent - Run|Exception in Run: Client found response content type of ‘text/html; charset=UTF-8’, but expected ‘text/xml’.
The request failed with an empty response.
FileAgent_media_Id_7512|11.9.2017. 11:05:08|Error|FileAgent - Run|Exception in Run: Requested an invalid file.
FileAgent_media_Id_7512|11.9.2017. 11:10:05|Error|FileAgent - Run|Exception in Run: Requested an invalid file.
FileAgent_media_Id_7512|11.9.2017. 11:15:15|Error|FileAgent - Run|Exception in Run: Requested an invalid file.

I can’t get Manage data for any Display, but Xibo receive screenshots from all Players.

Got any suggestions for me?


Some of those errors might be caused by this version, there were a lot of bug fixes in 1.8.2 release.

Assuming that player has correct CMS Address / key entered then perhaps.

Open php.ini and find this line
always_populate_raw_post_data set it to -1 and make sure it’s not commented out (no ; before that line in php.ini)

Restart web server after this change.

Could you check if you have fully qualified path to the CMS library in CMS settings.
Is there mediaId 7512 in CMS library?

What’s the player local library path please?

Also, do you have, by any chance /web in your CMS address? If you do, then please have a look here regarding DocumentRoot and URL rewriting - http://xibo.org.uk/manual/en/install_environment.html
As well as XMR / XMR configuration if you haven’t done that yet.

  • In PHP.ini is always_populate_raw_post_data = -1 without comment.

  • In CMS settings is fully qualified path to the CMS library -> C:\xampp\htdocs\xibo\library

  • In CMS library exsist file 7512.jpg

  • Player local labrary path: C:\Users\dnovak03\Documents\Xibo Library

  • In CMS address I dont have /web.

  • For XMR configuration I have done : copied php_zmq.dll into /php/ext directory, copied libzmq.dll into /php and /apache directory. Unblock libzmq.dll. In PHP.ini I have put extension=php_zmq.dll.