XMR partially working

Everytime any changes made in the campaign (like changing the order of the layouts) and save those changes we get the following error in log section:

ID Run Date Channel Function Level Display Page Message
107 8422b93 2019-02-08 00:01 WEB POST ERROR /campaign/layout/assign/3 Unable to Process Queue of Player actions due to 1 of 1 player actions failed
106 8422b93 2019-02-08 00:01 WEB POST ERROR /campaign/layout/assign/3 Player action refused by XMR (connected but XMR returned false).

XMR is publicly available over the port 9505. The strange thing is that we see the changes from cms in the xmr log. If the player on android restarts, it recognize the changes and pulls it.

Here is a screenshot of the xmr log:

We are using the latest xibo cms (1.8.12) on docker. The cms can ping the xmr.

We also did run the following sql command on the db:
select setting,value from setting where setting like ‘XMR%’;
The result of it was the correct settings.

We even tried to Reconfigure XMR via the display advanced section. But still the errors appear.