XMR not working on CMS with port 9090

Hello, We have configured 2 servers, the first on “domain:8080” and the second on “domain:9090”.

The first one is doing the XMR perfectly (eg rebooting Android etc)
The second one tells us the XMR is configured for the display, but when assigning a layout or sending a command nothing happens… also no error is displayed and in the display view the XMR is configured.

What do we forget? Do we have to fill in something in the field “XMR Public Adress”? If so what do we have to fill in?

(in the server domain:8080 we left the field “XMR public address” empty and this server is working correctly with XMR…)

Without the XMR Public address field configured, XMR will not work. There are 2 places where the XMR Public Address can be entered, in the Settings option on your CMS, under the Displays tab and also in each Display Profile under the Display settings. Without XMR configured, your Displays will receive updates based on your Collection Interval in the Display Profile.

Below is a link to the Post CMS Installation Guide, which also includes a section on how to configure XMR:

Can you confirm if this is a Docker or custom setup?

Many Thanks.

Hi Dan,

This is a docker installation.

Found it! The portnumber must be 9606 !

Thank you for confirming that you are using a Docker install. I would in which case recommend following the instructions in the Guide I attached previously.

XMR runs on port 9505, to configure it you will need to enter into the Public XMR address the address of the CMS in the below format:


If your CMS is available by its domain name, then you will need to replace cms.example.org with your domain address. If your CMS is only available by its IP address, you will instead need to enter the IP of the CMS where it states cms.example.org in the above example.

To check if CMS is configured, you can check your Displays Status screen. If you are using Windows Players, this can be done by clicking the i key on your keyboard while the Xibo Player is running. For Android this is done by clicking on the screen while Xibo is running and choosing Status from the Action Bar. You will see a line named XMR status, which will confirm if the CMS is connected.

If the issue persists after you have configured your XMR as described in the guide, please let me know.

Many Thanks.