Xmr custom port

Hi guys,

sorry to bother you again. But i’m running a xibo instance on http (so without the custom ports configured). What i did i changed the public xmr adress to tcp://website.be:9506 (i’m running another instance off xibo on 9505). I also configured this on the windows display settings. I did a port forward on my firewall and allowed the 9506 tcp port on the xibo firewall (ubuntu 16.04 with docker).

Am i overlooking something? As it works on my other instance perfectly, main difference however is: my other one has the custom-ports.yml enabled and has ssl support. I’m kinda waiting for letsencrypt to release it’s wildcards to put this instance on ssl aswell.

fyi: i have a loadbalancer which is used to loadbalance http and https traffic

so kinda wondering if i have to configure the custom-ports aswell on this instance (tried it tho, and wasnt able to access the cms anymore).

thanks in advance!

EDIT: configured the docker-compose.yml to listen to 9506, i can see it listens on this port with netstat, however with putty on lan i get a ‘connection refused’. Also tried turning off the firewall: same result


Found it: issue within docker-compose.yml

changed the 9505:9505 to 9506:9506, however the correct way is: 9506:9505

Thanks :slight_smile:

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You don’t need wildcards to have multiple CMS instances on the same box :slight_smile:

All you need to do is have multiple sets of the containers running, on local ports, and then have your reverse proxy/load balancer direct traffic to the correct containers based on the host header.

Something like traefik or jwilder/nginx-proxy will even automate the letsencrypt issue and renew for you.

Hi Alex,

Thanks for your response, i’m currently running a zevenet loadbalancer, in which i can import the certificates but i’m not able to automate this (as far as i can see). So basically its working as intended with http and https being forwarded from example.domain.com to the correct server.