XMR collect message debugging

Goal: API call to change layout

Issue: XMR message does not appear to function so collect now does not change content.

I would like to know what I expect to see and how the player acknowledges receipt of a command.

When I run wire shark on the interface I see that something has sent info on port 9505 however I don’t know what should be in the payload to identify an immediate collect.

Any help would be appreciated.


The XMR message is encrypted, you will not be able to read the payload by simply viewing it in Wireshark.

To troubleshoot this issue, make sure that the time and date settings are correct on your Player and CMS. I would also recommend checking that your Public and Private address for your XMR are correct. I have included a link below to the post CMS installation Guide, which also includes instructions for configuring your Public XMR address:


You may also need to reconfigure your XMR. To do this, select Displays from your CMS, click the down facing arrow at the end of the Display you wish to reconfigure and choose Edit from the drop down menu. This will open the Edit Display window. Select the Advanced tab, tick the Reconfigure XMR box and Save.

If this does not resolve the issue, please let me know.

Many Thanks.