XMDS Error: Cannot delete ticker file

I’ve run Xibo in a Xampp Server.
I’ve a ticker in layout with this RSS feed: <![CDATA[Portada de EL PAÍS]]> with 20’ update interval. The template appearance is “Image overlaid with the Feed Content on the left” and it’s displayed randomly.
The layout displayed correctly in the player, but it generates errors every update:

In the server (media folder and temp folder) those files are not deleted.
But, If I change the template appareance without image (with only title) these errors no loger appear.

It seems to have issues deleting resources from the /temp folder.

If you look in CMS library path (not in web ui) is the /temp folder empty or does it contain any files?

Which CMS version are you using please?

It could be permission issue on the library folder / file permissions, perhaps you could check that.

There are the some files in both folders,

But delete them in each update! although occasionally one is left without deleting

The permissions of the media and media/temp folders are total control for all.

Now I have V1.8.6 installed, but it also happened in V1.8.5.

is the XTR configured and maintenance tasks running fine?

Yes, XTR run every minute in the W10 Task Sheduler, every Xibo task has ok status and if I executed manually php bin/run.php ID_TASK, it ends without saying anything.

I think this is a concurrency problem we hoped we’d solved, but perhaps have not.

Those files will be tidied up by maintenance when it next runs, and their associated records will drop out of the cache in due course.

I assume you have multiple displays accessing the same Layout (with the same ticker on it) concurrently, or potentially concurrently?

Now, only one display has this layout, but the normal thing is that there are several displays with the same layout.
Once I have seen that the player is “blocked” waiting to download a ticker file (status dowload in Display/Manage) that no longer exists and I can only recover it by disauthorizing the display and reauthorizing.

I’ve updated to V1.8.7 and the same happens, the error of not being able to delete the files is generated ticker_.
We will wait for next updates.

I take this opportunity to congratulate you. You are doing a great job!
Xibo is good!

Thank you.


We’ve created an issue for this problem here and will come up with a solution for the next release.

If you need to enter my system to debug I would give you access.

Hi, How is the bug?
After several days the XMR connection of the player fails and it is trying to download files (ticker_xxxxxx) that no longer exist and I have to delete the player’s campaign to recover it.
The fault appears when the RSS of the ticker has an image. If you only put text (title and description), there is no problem.

The bug has been closed as solved and is now waiting for some other issues to be resolved with that release and a release test.

The changes are quite extensive and I don’t recommend trying to patch them into your CMS - but you are welcome to do that if you’d like. Otherwise they will be along in the 1.8.8 release in a few weeks.