Xico Client on Ubuntu 14.04

Hi There,

I’m trying to install Xibo Client to Ubuntu 14.04 however I couldn’t. It says it cannot determine my version of ubuntu.
Now I saw that the Xibo Python Client was for Ubuntu 12.04.
Is there any update that I can install it to Ubuntu 14.04 ?


Xibo Python client is no longer developed/supported there is no newer version of it I am afraid.

We do want to have a new player that could work in Linux OS, but it’s to early to tell when it will be released.

Thanks Peter,

As far as I know, using linux is the only solution to put regions over each other and on the other hand; when I use windows as a client I’m frequently receiving errors (as in my previous post).
Thank you :smile:

There is always Android client which supports overlapping regions :wink:


14 days trial is included, after that you’d need to purchase Xibo for Android licences for each device.

Is there a method for purchasing the android client license from the U.S.?

You can purchase directly from us (Spring Signage) or drop us an email and we can direct you to a US based company whom will sell you licences.