Xibo with queue/line management suggestions

Hi members of Xibo,

I am trying to check or research if it is possible to show a line queue number on Xibo displays. Obviously it will work if you can show a HTML site as a layer or use a TV with HDMI input for an extra Device if you are using a third party solution.

But I am curious if someone has implemented an beautiful solution. I was trying to check with datasets and adding numbers, but we can’t use a keyboard input to trigger an interactive layout.

Does someone implemented this and also how did you achieved this.


I’ve done that before, but only as an integration of third-party services using an overlay layout with an iframe… This system was hosted on the client’s LAN.

Since my CMS are hosted in the cloud, I do not feel secure applying a native Xibo solution for this type of situation, as it would depend on having no client-side internet fluctuations.

This third-party service, as I mentioned, was installed on the client’s LAN, so even if there was a temporary loss of connection to my CMS, the line queue number system would continue to be displayed.


Ah, which third party software did you used for this?
Is this included with a ticket printer that prints numbers?

I don’t have much knowledge about how this third-party software works, as I mentioned, it was a system that the client themselves installed on the LAN. The integration was only possible because the queue number display was web-based.

@Vishal_Debipersad Does the customer already have a “line queue number” solution ?

Customer has an stand alone solution. A simple LCD sign with a remote which adds +1/custom number and reset.

So you can start with a brand new solution. It’s easier.

Depending on requirements, if users have a PC next to them, I recommend using the API to increment numbers with DataSet.

I use Elgato Streamdeck for that.https://www.elgato.com/fr/en/p/stream-deck-mk2-black

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David (@ProServ)

That is actually a brilliant idea! this will give us the opportunity to use webhooks / https post as URL. Also we can implement our environment in a own network by our (medical) customer.

We are not going to use dataset for this, i will let our junior developer take a look into this if this can be build easily.

Thanks again!