Xibo V 4.0.1 Bugs

I’d like to add:
I have a lot of the same issues DFeenstra has. I upgraded Xibo from 3.2.2 to 4.0.4 yesterday and the shit just keeps coming.

  • The layouts suddeny weren’t working any longer
  • clocks didn’t work
  • RSS didn’t work
  • Like DFeenstra I had created my own custom template for my displays you cannot do anymore.
  • My clients suddenly have dozens of errors

I had to troubleshoot my 3 Layouts as none of them worked out of the box and now my playlists are all not updating so all my screens now just show the Xibo logo and no content, period. And next to that, my clients all start complaining with errors now. “5001 - no data”. I never had that before.

So, right now I have these problems:

  • RSS is not displaying any content (not just no pictures but nothing at all)
  • Playlists are not updating, resulting in no content being displayed at all
  • My clients have dozens of “error 5001 - no data” errors

Up to now, this release of Xibo has been VERY Unimpressive.

Hi all,

Apologies for the issues you’re all experiencing with v4, there are definitely use cases we did not think of / know about, and in hindsight we needed to do more work on the replacement HTML/CSS/JS tools before removing them from the editing experience.

4.0.5 is due to be released on Tuesday 14th, and fixes 48 issues:

We will test this example feed to make sure its working in 4.0.5

The no data error is by far the most common issue we’ve seen and is usually because the Widget Sync Task is not running. Please make sure that your tasks are running successfully and finishing with a tick as their last status.

We’re happy to look at any specific problems you’ve got to make sure the use case is solved.

Overwhelmingly we were told that HTML/CSS/JS in the layout editing experience was too complicated for users and “Xibo’s layout tools are too complicated to use, so we just use images/videos”. This is why we removed those options from the editor.

Instead we have a new set of developer tools which you can use to do the same thing, and more, but they are more “developer focused”. In 4.0 you need to edit XML files in your installation to access them.

We now have a vastly different set of feedback which is that these tools need to be accessible from inside the CMS. We will make these changes in 4.1 (you can read more out the thinking here: Improving Developer Experience in v4).

If the way version 4 is not workable for your use case, the please continue using 3.3 (which we still support/release updates for). If you do that it would be really useful to continue the dialogue here so that we can understand where the pain points are and make sure they are addressed in 4.1.

I installed the newest update and enabled the Widget sync task (somehow it was disabled), now Xibo is working better, but still have this issues:


I have Xibo 3 running with XMR (php 7.4), and using this XMR also for Xibo 4.05, but cannot catch screenshots at once. Is this because I use php 7.4 for the XMR? XMR is running correct in Xibo 3.

Also I see that date formatting for Mastodon widget is still not working…