Mastodon Widget time formatting

Previous ticket : Xibo V 4.0.1 Bugs - #25 by dan
CMS : 4.09

I’ve updatet a few versions, made a bugrapport in Github, got a notification that it is fixex, but I still got the samen error: The date and time are not formatted in the mastodon widgets. I also used a hosted demo form Xibo and also there is no formatting of the time and date in de widgets.

What is happening and how can it be fixed?

Hi, if I add any of the Mastodon templates and go to the Appearance tab, I can see the Date Format field at the top of the properties panel in a cloud instance v4.0.9:

If you are not seeing this option in your demo instance could you please open a ticket with our helpdesk and provide the instance details so that they can take a closer look as to why this is happening.

Thank you

Following further investigation, the following issue has been identified and recorded here: