Xibo v.1.7.9 (Windows) - Inbetween content "blinks" briefly and Schedule content does not update properly

Hi all,

Maybe some can help with these two issues I’m having with Xibo v.1.7.9 (Windows platform).

  1. When scheduled content is shown between clips the screen “blinks” briefly (goes black) and starts the next content. In this case there is max. 2 content in the schedule. This never happened on the earlier Linux version. The question is: Is there a fix or workaround?
  2. When scheduled content is updated on the server part it will not update on the clients unless I manually kills the Xibo software on the unit and starts it again. It seems it sleeps without checking (Xibo server is default in cheking for content updates).
  1. If you mean the very brief black screen flash after layout ends and reloads (or change to another layout) then it will always be there. You can add in/out transitions and see if it will look better for you.

  2. Could you navigate to Display settings page -> edit display profile assigned to your device
    Make sure that download window is open (the default is 00:00 and 00:00 which means it’s open all the time)
    Check your collection interval setting, adjust if necessary
    On Advanced tab, enable Expire Modified Layouts - this will be helpful if you’re making changes to a layout that’s currently being displayed on the device.

Hi Peter,

Thanks. Indeed in 1) this is what I meant.If I have one layout with 1 content (60 seconds) with animation that just needs to play in a loop but is there really now workaround? Transitions in this case will not be enough.

  1. Thanks, I’ll look further into this (just thought defaults would be enough).

You can increase the duration of the item on your layout, so the whole won’t refresh after 60s, but lets say few hours (don’t use too long durations though)

Hi Peter,

Thanks, I’ll give that a shoot :slight_smile: