Xibo Usage for Replacing Digital Notice Board


I would like to use Xibo connected to one 55-inch monitor that would eventually replace a notice board, like this:


Right now, we print and attach every document to the notice board, but we would like to use a digital signage solution.

Would Xibo cover this use case? We would like to show a few PDFs at once and give the chance to the user to move back and forward to see more announcements.

Thank you for your help.

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Welcome to the XIBO LAND…

ABSOLUTELY…Xibo has afordable cloud hosting service and outstanding tehcnical support team. Digital noticeboard is a better choice…power point presentation is supported

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We don’t support interactive at the moment, although its something we’re working on for v3.0 (our active development focus).

In the mean time you could add multiple PDF’s into the same Region and they would cycle automatically.

Dear @aponkye and @dan, thank you for your kind support.

@dan, have you got a release date for version 3.0? May we join testing releases?

Thank you!

You’re welcome.

We don’t have anything for 3.0 yet (it will be a few months at least) - you’ll be able to test an alpha as soon as its out.

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