Xibo URL change

just out of curiosity, can I change the URL of the Xibo cms, to something I can hand out to staff, so instead of it being IPaddress/Xibo can I use something friendly

I understand that they will still have to be in school to connect but is there a way to give it a friendly name

You would need to setup a DNS record in your schools DNS server.

Once you have that setup, the name you’ve chosen will resolve to the IP address of the Xibo server, and then they can access it with the friendly name.

So for example, if your Xibo server were on, you would add a DNS A record pointing xibo.myschool.com to, and then you would be able to access http://xibo.myschool.com/Xibo

Thank you just wanted to know, to be honest didn’t think it would be that easy

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