Xibo support Arabic Language as default

hi everyone,

Xibo support Arabic Language as default language, if support pls let me know the language code.

thanks in advance.

This language code :ar .Can you used to code ?

There is Arabic translation and ‘ar’ is the right code for it.

Although there will be quite a lot of untranslated terms

thanks for your response

i want total software in Arabic language for English we use “en_GB” what will the Default Language settings for Arabic Language.

ar is the correct setting for Arabic, but as Peter says there are many terms not translated. Those will appear in English until someone contributes translations for them, and then those translations get built in to a future release.

Hi Alex,

Can you send me a list of terms and I will try and get them translated for you.


All translation takes place in Launchpad currently.

You can see the current state, and contribute translations directly there: