Xibo stops working after one LOOP

Hello Guys,

I think i found a issue in Xibo i want to report. I also have a temporary solution
If you create a region with a News ticket (RSS) and link to a rss file, but the file could not be understod by Xibo it will say Resource 120.htm is missing when pressing “i” on the info screen, and after one loop (60 sec) the infoscreen crashes. i checked the resource folder, and the files (117 and 120) where missing. The temporary solution is to input in the rss setting: Advanced --> A message to display when no data is returned from the source: Enter a message here. I had this field blank, then it crashes, so i guess if no ticker is found and there is no input the Resource HTML will not be created? I Use docker and Xibo 1.8.2 - The client is 1.8.3

Here are the error messages:

FileAgent_resource_Id_120|23.02.2018 13:36:46|Error|FileAgent - Run|Exception in Run: Unable to get the media resource
FileAgent_resource_Id_117|23.02.2018 13:36:46|Error|FileAgent - Run|Exception in Run: Unable to get the media resource

If the link was to proper rss feed, then well I’d expect it to be parsed correctly and show the defined data, if Xibo couldn’t parse it, then the errors are correct, but I’d expect the layout to marked as invalid if anything in this case and playback skipped I don’t think I’d expect it to crash.

The ‘Message when there is no data returned for the source’ works around the problem, however as first step it would be good to see why your feed is not parsed, If you’d enable auditing, edit the feed, you should see logs about it on Log page and see where the problem might be.

It could be also good to validate your feed here https://validator.w3.org/feed/

Newer CMS versions protect against non-rss url entered in ticker, but I don’t think that would apply to your use case.

Did you have that rss file in your server and ticker with the url/path to it or was it feed available online?

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Sorry for late response.

Did a validation of the rss and it failed. Did input a different rss, and at end of the day it was working :wink: thnx for great tips!! :wink: