Xibo steals focus from powerpoint when layout is changed

So in this scenario, we have two xibo playlists which run and a power point presentation

The symptoms are:

  • regular playlist plays
  • regular playlist is pre empted by marketing playlist
  • sometime before the end of the marketing playlist, show staff start
    a powerpoint and start presenting
  • marketing playlist ends, regular playlist returns and takes over the
    screen, and occludes powerpoint instead of staying behind as it was left.

Short of shutting down xibo when a show is happening, is there any way
to stop it taking control of the screen when the marketing playlist

Xibo is set to take focus on playlist change. Is it configurable?

I’m sorry I don’t understand your question.

Xibo is not designed to co-exist on a screen with other software. It should be the only thing showing content on the computer and the content and the order which it’s shown in is dictated by the Xibo schedule.

Yeah the thing about “should” is that reality has a way of creeping in :slight_smile:

the main idea is that xibo doesnt steal focus back from powerpoint. But i understand that in 99% of cases you do want xibo to steal focus. Just one of those crazy edge cases i guess.

Another thing that would solve the problem is if someone kills xibo and starts it up again, it would resume the playlist from when it was killed, not the beginning. Because that is why they dont shut down xibo, the just push it to the background, so that the playlist doesnt reset and start at the beginning, because then some content near the end of the playlist never gets played.

There’s no mechanism inside Xibo for it to remember where it was in a Playlist - and even if there were there’s nothing to say that the playlist would be the same when the player started back up anyway.

I’m really not understanding your usecase though so it’s hard to suggest anything without knowing what you’re trying to achieve.

Well i explained it in the first post pretty well, im not sure exactly what i can elaborate on.

The xibo playlist runs all day.

Multiple times during the day, presenters use the machine to do power point presentations. If they minimize xibo, xibo will switch focus away from the powerpoint annoying users.

If the xibo client is stopped, content at the end of the playlist never gets a chance to play.

But i dont really expect you to do anything at this point. The software does not support what i want it to do. Oh well. I let them know that 4 months ago. It would be nice if xibo had playlist resume like scala does, but your saying it does not. But thats a ‘nice to have’ so im not holding my breath, as if it was easy, you would have implemented already.

That’s much clearer thanks. You said in your original post that they started a PowerPoint. It wasn’t clear that that was outside of Xibo rather than using Xibo to play it.

Your assumption is right. It’s not supported and if it were easy we would have put it in already.

I’m sorry it took a while to get to answering your post but we really do try to get back to the vast majority of cases on here!