Xibo showing splash screen and correct screen intermittently

Brand new Xibo 1.8.2 installation on Windows.
Our Xibo installation is intermittently showing the correct layout and then reverting to the ‘default layout’ and then the ‘splash screen’ in no particular order that i can understand. Using ‘schedule layout’ does not activate the layout. I had it working a few times, and then it stopped by itself (?).
I have tried altering my layout to remove various regions, backgrounds, transition effects, etc. very hard to determine if that’s made any difference at all. I’d like to send you my log file that were generated by Xibo.

Please note that I am NOT an advanced user. I don’t understand coding. Any instructions you provide should assume I know very little.

I’m not sure how to send to you the “Troubleshoot.zip” file that resulted from that process.

Zibo continually reverts to splash screen or default layout. Any layouts I create do not work. So I duplicated the ‘default layout’ and changed the text. That worked. Now I add a new region and populate it with some text…accept all the default formatting, options, etc. The layout “previews” correctly. But the Xibo display immediately then reverts to the splash screen. So I basically cannot make any changes to the Xibo layout at all…I’m stuck with "Welcome to Xibo Open Source Digital Signage. This is the default layout - please feel free to change it whenever you like."
But as soon as I change it, the whole system stops working and I get a Xibo-logo splash screen. What’s going on?

Could you tell us if you’re using Docker or manual/custom installation on web server please?
If it’s not docker do you have /web in your CMS address?

As for layouts, please see - Why won't my layout play? / The splash screen plays instead of my layout

It could be also good to make sure your CMS/server has correct timezone settings.

If you’d show us a screenshot of status window on your player when the issue occurs that should clear some thing as well (press ‘i’ on your keyboard while Xibo for Windows has focus).

If you’re unsure if your layout is valid, I’m happy to take a quick look at it, you can export your layout and send it to me private message (you will most likely need to upload it somewhere and share the download link with me).

Thanks Peter. I told our IT guy about the troubles I was experiencing with Xibo. He did something over the weekend and told me it is all working properly now…and it certainly seems to be. The problems are gone. I don’t know what he did, but it seems to have been solved. Thanks for your prompt reply.

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