Xibo Showing Only Background Color on Layout Containing Webpage (Firefox)

Hello guys,

I have two PCs (say A & B) running (or scheduled) with the same layout in each PC. Each PC (display) should show two layouts (C & D) layout C contains videos and scheduled for morning show while D contains webpage and scheduled for afternoon show. Unfortunately, PC B always failed showing layout D while PC A not. Do you guys ever have the same problem ?

Here is the client information from PC B.


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I would first suggest making sure that PC B is showing as up to date in your CMS and that it is checking in regularly with your CMS, just in case this has something to do with your issue.

Next I would look for differences between the 2 setups as there must be something that is stopping Layout D working with PC B, especially if the Layout is showing without issue on PC A. For example:

  • Are both PCs running the same version of Xibo for Windows? Please confirm what version you are running, as well as the version of your Xibo CMS.
  • If you open the Xibo Player Options application where you entered the credentials for your CMS, are the CMS URL and Key both entered the same?
  • Have the schedules been set up the same?
  • If you go to the Logs option in your CMS, are there any errors or messages for PC B? If yes, please provide them.
  • Are both PCs running the same version of Windows and both have the same updates installed?
  • Is the time, date and time zone correctly set on both PCs?
  • I can see you are using Drive D for your Local Library location. If you switch to drive C, does this help resolve the issue?

Also could you confirm what does show on screen when Layout D is scheduled?

Many Thanks.

Thanks for the feedback.

  1. Yes, the PC B is showing as up to date in the CMS. In Displays menu, the status is checked.
    2.1. I am currently using the Xibo 1.8.3 both for the client and CMS. I am running the client on Win 7 and both are identical ( I bought two pieces directly).
    2.2. The configurations are the same as well regarding key and URL.
    2.3. The scheduling also the same, from the event setting, I choose both PC as the displays.
    2.4. Unfortunately, I don’t have any logs in the Logs option in CMS… Is there any settings that I missed ?
    2.5 Lastly, I have tried to put the local library default but the problem still exist thus I try to change it to drive D but the problem still occur.

Here is the screenshot from PC B:

Here is what should be shown (from PC A):


Thank you for answering my questions. I noticed you mentioned you are using CMS and Player version 1.8.3. I would recommend upgrading your CMS to 1.8.13 and your Players to 1.8.12 to ensure you have the most up to date versions of both. below are links for the Player and CMS upgrades:

CMS Upgrade Guides and 1.8.13 file link:

Xibo for Windows 1.8.12 Player link:

The fact that they are both showing the same layout, using the same event, both running Windows 7 and the config settings are also the same but the performance is not, suggests that something more subtle is causing the issue. I would also suggest making sure that PC B has all of the same drivers and software updates as PC A in case this is causing the issue, are they both the same hardware devices or is there a difference in the hardware spec? Could you also confirm that the time, date and timezone are set correctly on PC B so we can rule that out as a possible cause?

I also wondered if you could send me an exported copy of the Layout in a private message so I can test on my own Windows Display?

Many Thanks.

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