Xibo Server Requirment

I’ve read many article about server requirement in here, but no one give the right specification for this minimum requirement. I’ve find on Google and got the same answer. So for new installation, is there any minimum requirement? Or xibo server can run with any requirement?


It depends really, on the CMS version, on the load that the CMS will be under, there is no one hardware solution that will be suitable in all cases.

The CMS requirements also depend if you can/want install docker or not, they are listed in the appropriate links here https://xibo.org.uk/manual/en/install_cms.html

As for hardware, it really depends, I can tell you that you can host a CMS on an old laptop and that will be suitable for few displays without overly heavy content, but obviously that will not be enough for deploy with more displays, content.

If want to have stats, logs, notify layout etc enabled that will add another heavy load to the server, the answer to your questions really is ‘it depends’.

If you can estimate how many displays, content etc you will need, then perhaps we can have some suggestions.

Some server suggestions (VPS) are also here CMS Installation Service

Hi Peter, Thanks for your reply before, so obviously we try to use on dedicated Virtual Machine which is use A quad core processor on 2.5 GHz Clock speed, 4GB RAM, 40 GB Hard drive. And I think this is should enough.