Xibo server hard disc space overusage

Hello Gentlemen!

In Dashboard I see 6Gb disc usage (media Library size).
But on the server (1 core CPU, 4Gb RAM, 32Gb HDD, Ubuntu 16.04x64, Xibo ver 1.8.7) there is about 31Gb used disc space.
All older backups had been removed. Media library is tidy. This server is dedicated for Xibo only, so there are no any other applications or files on it.
Just before this situation I have tried to upload new 500Mb media, but it was aborted on 150Mb stage due to lack of diskspace.
Do you have any ideas about this issue?
Is that possible that some parts of files, that was aborted to upload, remains on Xibo-server but not shown in the Media library?
In what folders on server I need to search for free space?

Thank you in advance!
Nick D.

If you had stats and logs enabled, it is possible that those two can take a lot of space, especially if the maintenance wasn’t configured to run and clean them up.

You might want to look at the stat and log tables in your database and see if that’s it.

Although those would need to be really big, you could perhaps list the files on that hard drive and see what’s taking so much space there.

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