Xibo server changed the language itself to Spanish

Hi there!

Why Xibo changed itself the language? I configured it in english, and suddenly, it changed to Spanish
I would like to come back to english, how i do that in a easy way?



That shouldn’t happen…unless you have ‘Detect Language’ checkbox ticked and your browser is set to spanish, then it would make some sense.
You can change that as well as the language to english(en_GB) in CMS settings -> regional tab.

Hello Peter!

Thanks for you reply, Im located in Prague. As you see the english language is activated, but the left menu is in Spanish, the thing is that it was in english all the time, and I didnt change any settings, and in google chrome settings, everything is in english,
Im managing this server, but in case I leave, other colleagues should be able to manage it in english, you know what I mean, Any other idea?

Best regards

So…that’s a bit odd.

If you untick ‘Detect language’ and save settings, does it change back to english?

yes, that worked,

thank you very much

So that means in your browser settings you have it set to prefer Spanish over English. If you correct those settings then sites such as Xibo which detect your browser’s language preferences will appear in the correct language too.