Xibo screenshot/Thumbnail


I have xibo on linux16.04
my version is 1.8.11
My xibo players are running on Minix neo x7mini
When i want to show a screenshot/Thumbnail from displays in xibo he wont work. i can’t login( the screen is white)
so is there a way to make screenshots public?

Sorry to hear you are having trouble with screenshots, it’s not clear from your post whether there is more than one issue you are experiencing.

Please provide a screenshot of the Status page from the Players. You can do this by clicking on the screen while the Xibo Player app is running and choosing Status from the Action Bar at the top of the screen. You are welcome to send them to me in a private message if you would prefer not to post the Status screenshots publicly.

Can you also talk me through how you are requesting a screenshot for the Displays and in what way it is not working?

You also mentioned that you can’t log in and that the screen is white, can you explain where you are seeing the White screen (login page or afterwards?)

Many Thanks.

im sorry for the bad description.
I can login to the server.
Screenshots can i recieve from the players, but when i put the link(http://xibo/display/screenshot/5?LdIapMRwGY) in to a layout the player wil not show it.
Then it will be a white screen. so i tought i need to login in but i cant do that with a white screen :frowning:
Hope you understand me right now?

No need to apologise, thank you for the information.

It is not possible to display Screenshots from the Players, as the URLs for the screenshots are authenticated. Because the Player cannot log into your CMS, it cannot Authenticate and therefore show the screenshots at the URL.

Many Thanks.