Xibo review and upgrades

I have start testing Xibo and I have Pro-Cons things. For now, I’m using custom made Digital Signage system, which is very simple but I would like to changed it because it is too slow and unstable. Xibo is very fast, stable but has some things that are very complicated to make.
For instance, if You have a loot of clients, You will not be able to track content because the SCHEDULE screen is not user friendly. I can view ads in day, months, year, as a small icon computer, which is totally useless. SCHEDULE screen is Ok when you like to reschedule some content.
For better view and track of content, I need a simple table where i will have colons such is: content name, content duration, content start-end date-time and on what displays or display group is attached.
If I have more then 10 customers, it is very hard to track them. You have to make a loot of steps to achieve simple thing as a upload a add to a display. First, You have to upload video/pic to archive and make certain turnings as a name, tags etc but you can not add start-end date-time. I don’t understand why. It will be very easy to set start-end date-time for single add instead of first to upload add to archive, then make a layout and inside to set start-end date-time. Layout is OK container where you can group more then one content but with same start-end date-time.

There is a lot of upgrades where you can simplify CMS, but maybe You can see these remarks and You will answer on my questions.


There are thousands of people using Xibo that don’t find it so - however there is always room for improvement :smile:

We have a feature improvement to add something called Playlists - see Playlists Blueprint, there are many extensions and associated ideas that I believe solve some of your concerns.

Also another for showing some more information on the schedule page: Calendar Overview should indicate the start date/time of each event

You can upload directly to a Layout, which removes one of your steps. There is also an extension to the playlist feature above that will allow a start/end date to be specified there and then… however the overriding principles of Xibo are that it is a structured system which helps you to make sure the right things appear in the right places - we aren’t ever likely to support an “upload and show” mentality.

If that is something you want you can leverage the API to code a simple interface which does all the “steps” for you in one go.

Is the PLAYLIST all ready in use or it is a future element? I can not see the playlist

Also, much of us who work with many ads from our clients, we NEED LIST in Schedule screen CONTENT TO BE SHOWED IN ORDER LIST, which means that if there is no order to be showed in date/time list or if some content have higher order number, to be showed first, then other content which they dont have order numer.

For my problem with multiple steps, it is true that I can start with layout but why there is not date time setting in layout. Why do I have to go in schedule screen. That is not practical.

Playlists are a future development. You can’t use them now.

It’s because in Xibo layouts group media items in to a design and order them. The schedule then defines when those layouts are shown. That’s the way the system works.

We have already explained that a potential extension to playlists is to include from/to dates and times on individual media items but that isn’t implemented yet either (and may not be - it’s not decided yet).

If Xibo doesn’t work for your usecase then feel free to add Feature requests for each idea you have (if they don’t exist already) and they will be considered for future development, but Xibo does work for thousands of users as it stands.