Calendar Overview should indicate the start date/time of each event


We are using xibo 1.7.4 and we have a problem with the listing of scheduled presentations.

For example:

We have a display with 32 presentations scheduled with a display order.
But when go to the calendar and open the list of the scheduled presentations it is not showing it in the right order.

All the presentations are set in a random order.

On the player it the presentations are displayed in the right order.

Sorry for my english but i hope somebody can help me



Hi Willem

I see what you mean. They aren’t infact in random order but in date order. The reason being that the list you’re looking at isn’t designed to be a list of layouts as they show in rotation on the Player, but a list of events showing that day in date/time order.

We could add a date to the start of each line to make that clearer I suppose. I’ll convert this to a Feature Request so it’s considered for future development.

That’s clear

The next problem what i get then is when i give a display order to each presentation
I have to open each scheduled presentation to see what is the last display order I have used.

I think it is better to display this as well or an option to order on end date or order on display number.

Thanks for the quick replay Alex

To give an exemple what i did and what happend

The first “preview scheduled on Preview” is a campaign with 2 presentations that should be display after each other then I got two normal presentations and the last “test scheduled on Preview” is also an campaign with 2 presentations that should be displayed directly after each other.

Now I did not give an ordering and the sever randomly displays the presentations. It takes one out of the campaign then one of the other campaign.

I think you need to give the display order to get it working.
But with an large list of presentations you don’t know what the last number is you filled in for the ordering.

so thats the reason i want to see in the list wat is the last display order number.

But in that list the ordering is meaningless.

Say you schedule layout from 8am to 9am with order 2 and then from 9am to 10am with order 1, then in your solution you’d get a list like

Layout 2
Layout 1

As it stands you’d get

Layout 1
Layout 2

Which is correct - layout 1 is scheduled to run before layout 2.

Ordering only matters at the point there is more than one layout set to run concurrently. Sorting by order isn’t sensible or reasonable.

It should be as it is - date sorted - but the list should show you that it’s date sorted. I agree there’s no reason it couldn’t also show you the priority - eg

Layout 1 (2)
Layout 2 (1)

Or similar, but that implies that layout 2 would run first when it won’t as they aren’t ever scheduled to run at the same time.

Yes you are right.
If it shows the display ordering as tekst behind the title we can work with that.

The problem is that we have planned 20+ presentation all for an x amount of weeks.
So the presentation are displayed randomly. But we have some presentations that have to be display directly after an other one and that is only be done with the display ordering.

Thats why i want to see what is the display ordering of a planed presentation.

Thanks again.

If we had

[start/end] name (displayOrder)

would that be suitable?

I think that we can work with that.