Xibo pre sales questions


  1. What is the pricing model? - How long do the licences last?
  2. I want to use it as a menu for a take away. Is there a way the customer can do their own updates to items and prices?
  3. If I make a static menu (an image) can I overlay moving or flashing content?
  4. I am also developing some screens for charities. Is there a way of:
    a. Doing a full extract of all associated content and settings so I can import into their server.
    b. Having a licence type that is free to allow me to demo their display before they commit to the licence purchase.
    When will version 2 be released? - if I purchased this week, could I get a free upgrade?


Would be best to contact sales@springsignage.com directly with your sales queries.

I shall answer your questions here as well.

1 If you mean Xibo for Android licences, then they are perpetual for the major release - Licencing your Xibo for Android Display

CMS/Windows player does not need any licences.
Unless you will want to host the CMS in our Cloud Hosting, then more information is here - https://xibo.org.uk/hosting

2 Depends what you mean by that, if the customer will have access to the CMS, then yes he would be able to change the content of the layout / dataSet.

3 On Android player yes as it supports overlapping regions and true transparency, in 1.8 series you can schedule overlay layouts too.

4 a You can export database and library from one CMS and move it another yes.
4 b If you mean Xibo for Android/webOS then both of these come with 14 days trial licence, again windows player does not require any licence.
4c there is no date set for that yet, any news regarding new version will be shared on Xibo blog, social media and on this very Xibo community site.
Android/webOS Licences purchased now will not come with a free upgrade to v2, as the release is rather far away from now.