Xibo Player unsafe layout

I want to integrate videos, bute the Xibo Player won’t show the layout.
The server is running on Version 3.0.3. The Client (W10 22H2) is running Xibo Player Version 3.301.1 .
The layout has only one region. In this region, there is one video. In the preview everything seems to work fine.
The layout is scheduled always.
Xibo Player shows only the default Layout. The video can be played local with Windows Media Player.
Here are some logs. I assume the layout ist marked as invalid, because the media (video) failed.
Thank you!

Before completing please check that the time, date and timezone have been correctly set on the device running the Player.

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Player Version

Specify the full version you are using, including the revision number.


Please describe in detail the issue you are experiencing, including any errors shown on the Player Status page or in the Logs section of the CMS.

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The HRESULT error being returned suggests this is a codec issue:

With this in mind I would recommend trying a different codec to see if this resolves your issue. I find a good way to test video playback is to use Handbrake to convert your video to a 720p fast or 1080p fast preset, and to make sure to set the file to be MP4 when it is re-encoded.

Many Thanks.

I’ve been having some problems regarding windows 10 and the H265 codec (HECV) on my devices.
To resolve I simply installed this codec on my devices.
Here is the link where I downloaded it (Pay attention if your computer is 32 or 64 bits):

I even made a command to run on the client via the CMS if you want:

powershell.exe Start-Process powershell -verb runAs 'curl https://YOUR-DOWNLOAD-LINK-TO-CODEC\YOURCODECFILE.Appx -O C:\YOUR_DOWNLOADS_PATH\codecH265.appx; Add-AppxPackage -Path "C:\YOUR_DOWNLOADS_PATH\codecH265.appx"'

For that I downloaded the codec, and hosted the file on an ftp server (you can use any other server, even the root of your CMS)

Point to the file link, and the CMD will run powershell as Admin and will download & install the codec.

Of course this is only if you don’t have access to your device… if you do it’s easier to download and install manually :slight_smile:


Thank you!
converting with handbrake instead with vlc does the magic.
Kind regards


Excellent news, I’m glad to hear that has resolved your issue.

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