Xibo player sound crackling


i`m using Xibo cms 1.7.7 and client 1.7.7 on windows 7 home premium.
i want to show a website with a video embedded that starts automaticly.
In layout design, preview layout or internet explorer there is no problem with the sound of the video i want to show, all is working perfectly, but when i start xibo player the sound is crackling.
When i use only the videofile standalone there is no crackling in xibo player, vlc or windows media player.

i really don`t know what to do.

mm you can try to install IE 11 (if you haven’t already) and make this change in registry Enabling HTML5 in the Windows .net Player

Thnx i Will try to add a rule in the registry

unfortunately, it didn`t work!


hm could you give us the link to the website so we can try it here in our office please?
(you can send me the link via pm if you don’t want to share it here)


No website available it’s all on a local machine, the owner told me this morning he doesn’t want sound anymore.
He has old website files he wanted to use with xibo.
Problem in this case solved :slight_smile: