Xibo player on windows wont start in front

We have now 6 windows players running on windows 7 enterprise. The problem we get is that when windows is starting up the Xibo windows player opens but it’s on the back ground. It looks like something is hiding it. I can’t get the finger on it why.

When i Take over the system and click on the a random position on the screen Xibo will come on front and problem is gone.

It’s not an issue that happens every time. Also it is not on one system but all of them get this problem.

I hope someone recognize it.

Sorry, but I don’t have anything specific to mention - it sounds a lot like something else is starting up after Xibo and taking focus.

Perhaps you could start Xibo with a scheduled task instead using the Start up program group that we install?

We use a batch file to launch Xibo It contains a sleep command to delay the startup then to be sure some vbscript to set the focus. See below.

sleep 120
cd "C:\Program Files\Xibo Player\"
start XiboClient.exe
cd "C:\It\Xibo"
start XiboFocus.vbs

set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject(“WScript.Shell”)
WshShell.AppActivate “Xibo Client”

Hope this help

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Thanks @bdenford i will give that a try

I already had a batch script running.
Just added the Focus script to see if the problems go away.

I was experiencing the same problem on a Dell 3020M. I would see the start bar on top of my player when the PC was turned on. I would need to touch the mouse to get the player to display, which was unacceptable.

I noticed that the 3020M would boot, auto-logon, then the Intel ProSet Wireless adapter would pop up a small message box from the system tray. (Wireless was disabled in the BIOS and the PC did not like it.)

I opened msconfig and unchecked the two Proset tools that were trying to open. Now my Xibo Player launches correctly when the PC wakes and auto-logs on in the a.m. with focus.

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Had the problem again and i found out it was the notification tray of windows that was getting infront or give an black film over the presentation.

I had to put all the messages in the system tray to silent.

I know it is an old topic but maybe somebody is having the same problems.