Xibo Player locking up under Windows 10

After anywhere from 6-24 hours after I start the Xibo client it hangs and everything stops changing. When you click on it you’ll get the app has stopped responding box. Any thoughts?

Server and Client are 1.8.3

What are you showing on the Player? Many webpage widgets?

Are your .net framework and graphics drivers all up to date?

Windows 10 with all the latest patches includes W10. I’m trying to simplify things as much as possible and see if I can find a particular cause. The player has 4 widgets. showing a slideshow of jpgs with a banner containing a clocks, a weather widget, and a web widget that alternates every 60 seconds between two web sites that displays images.

It’s a brand new stock W10 LTSB with 4 widgets. I just did a fresh install from scratch, installed all the updated, and then xibo and it locked up after a day.

Please can you drop the websites out of the layout and see if the issue goes away?

Graphics drivers are really important. You’ll need the latest from the chipset manufacturer - not from Windows Update.

Sorry for the long response we had to slowly remove features. The problem is caused by a clock in the tickler. If we display the Date/Time in the tickler everything locks up, usually within a day. I remove the clock and it’s been running for a week without problems.


Very interesting - do you have a sample with that clock which you could PM to me? I can run some tests on it to see whats what.