Xibo Player Library Cleanup

Is there a way to clean the Xibo Library of each player from the CMS?

If I setup a script to delete the contents of the Xibo library once per month or so, the player will ONLY download files relevant to any scheduled layouts. Correct?

If you will completely clean the player library.

Assuming you using 1.8 windows player, that will also mean that you remove config files, XMR key, hardwarekey etc from the player ie after doing that if you start the player it will not “remember” the CMS address/key and will generate most likely different hardwareKey + XMR key will need to be reconfigured from CMS level as well.

Unless your script would clean only image, videos etc files, then that should be ok.

and yes player would then consult the requiredFiles.xml and download the files that are currently required from the CMS.

Okay. Sounds good. Thanks

Are the config files named the same on every display?

If yes, do you happen to know the file names?

cacheManager.xml, requiredFiles.xml, schedule.xml, status.json, config.xml, hardwarekey, id_rsa

You would not want to touch those files in the player library and yes the names are the same for every xibo windows player.

the default module files, templates, fonts, perhaps the layout .xlf files and .htm files would be best left alone too - they would be re-downloaded from CMS though.

Which means you’d basically want to only remove images, videos that player downloaded from CMS.
Assuming they are no longer in use (ie are not in requiredFiles.xml) player will not attempt to re-download them after you remove them.

Awesome. That helps a ton. Thanks.