Xibo player keeps displaying the default layout

Hi, I’m a total newbie at Xibo, and it has gotten a bit complicated with the layout scheduling.

I have scheduled the Riverside Display (following the same tutorial), the problem is that it shows the riverside display for a few seconds and then goes on to show the default layout for Xibo with the blue background. How to control this so as to keep the riverside display only?

Could you please tell me what CMS version are you using please?

I assume your scheduled layout is valid? (checkmark on Layouts page, status column)

If you’re using 1.7 series, then on Schedule page you can create an event running from x to y (which you can specify) to show your layout.

In 1.8 series, you can simply schedule this layout with ‘Always’ daypart, which means just that, it will be always displayed.

E. Also on Displays page -> Edit display, do you have interleave default enabled? That option adds the default layout to the schedule, which could explain why the default layout was displayed after your scheduled event, although it should then go back to it after default layout finish.

its the latest 1.8.2.

Yes its valid.

I had interleave enabled.

I decided to solve the above issue by putting the priority for my default layout to 0 and others to 1.

Now my currently scheduled is displaying an older version. I went and added a background image and some text on it. but its still showing the old version without text and image.